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Aktrion Bakery Tin/Tray Cleaning

Aktrion Food & Drink acquired the bakery tin/tray cleaning business based in Dudley, West Midlands in September 2012 from Rentokil Group and have immediately invested in the operation to bring it up modern standard and increase capacity. This has been very well received by both staff and customers and has already resulted in business growth.

The processes use at Aktrion Bakery Tin Cleaning (‘Aktrion BTC’) are differentiated from those used in the market and have a much less detrimental effect on the long term life of the tins/trays than conventional processes as well as providing a better finish. With the new capacity now in place, Aktrion BTC is in a good position to add new customers.

The three steps in the refurbishment programme are:

  • Cleaning and de-carbonising
  • Straightening and re-block/re-weld (as required)
  • Re-glazing

The additional services that Aktrion can offer includes:

  • collection and delivery service
  • batch history & analysis (via batch colour or bar coding)
  • Planned refurbishment programme schedule
  • Stock rotation programmes

Other Market Sectors

Aktrion Group operate in many different market sectors. However the major market sections within the Group are Food & Drink, Printing & Media and Automotive. Other sectors that Aktrion are active within include Public Sector, Rail, Aerospace, White Goods and Transport.